I’m Charley, a 21 year old student from the UK. I live in Dubai but am currently based in Beijing, where I’m studying for the year.

Welcome to my blog: a space where I share thoughts, articles and general musings I’ve unearthed on my quest to live a healthy lifestyle.

Glowing Healthy used to be a vegan food blog. I experimented with veganism in 2014/15, and whilst I loved it, I found it difficult to sustain on my year abroad. Whilst I’m not vegan any more, I still love healthy eating and follow a clean, mainly plant-based diet. If you have any recommendations of organic/macro/whole food cafes in Beijing, London or Dubai, do share!

These days, Glowing Healthy is more about all-round healthy living; meaning a stronger focus on fitness, relationships and nurturing a healthy mind. The whole ‘living with gratitude’  principle that’s become popular recently really speaks to me – but I’m so put off by its association with those naff, suburban mom ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ slogans (what does that even mean anyway?!). I hope I can share my interpretation of practicing gratitude in a down-to-earth, realistic way for a 21st century, Gen Y gal.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch (plz do, I  ❤ mail), feel free to drop me a message on my contact page.

Peace out ✌️

Charley x

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