How to workout (for people who hate running)

I get it, not everyone likes running. Some people actively hate it. It might sound funny coming from a girl who’s done four half marathons, but I often include myself in the latter category. Unless I have a goal to work towards, I rarely never feel motivated to jump on the human equivalent of a hamster wheel and plough away for hours.  It’s just a bit, well, boring.

But if you don’t run – that’s totally okay! It certainly isn’t the only form of cardio out there, and it’s probably not the most effective (especially if you don’t do it!) The most effective form cardio is one you actually stick at – so find one you like. Cardio is anything that gets your heart pumping: rollerblading, kickboxing, swimming, dancing around your room in your underwear at 11pm, they all count!  Here’s a list of cardio workouts I’ve been really enjoying recently (and not a treadmill in sight!)

  1. Body combat.  A 55min martial arts inspired workout class, this is an amazing stress buster as well as calorie burner (perfect for after a rough day at uni/work!). All the cross body punches mean this class is a total core killer as well – you’ll definitely feel it in your obliques the next day. It’s part of the LesMills franchise, so taught at most fitness centres.
  2. …or any group exercise class.  Instructor-lead group exercise is particularly good for gym newbies, or people who want a really efficient use of their hour workout (no aimless wandering around the weights room wondering which exercise to do next!).
  3. Kayla Istines BBG. I was originally attracted to the workouts by the amazing before/after pictures on Kayla’s website after using her BBG (beach body guides). Well, I certainly wouldn’t say I ‘enjoy’ BBG, but it sure is effective! The principle is simple: 2, 4-exercise circuits repeated as many times as you can in 7mins, done twice. It’s a 28 brutal minutes, but the sense of achievement when you finish (just!) outweighs the pain. Look online for her printables, take ‘em to the gym, and feel the burn 😉

    screen shot 2016-06-22 at 2.00.21 pm
    An example of a BBG circuit.  Looks harmless enough. I promise you, it’s not..
  4. Blogilates. I always come away from a Blogilates video feeling better than when I started.  Cassey Ho isn’t just an incredible pilates instructor (no one makes my thighs burn like her!), she’s also full of motivational lessons that are really applicable in all areas of life. Sign up to her free monthly workout calendar for a tailored program of daily workouts. You can do almost all her videos in your bedroom too, so this is great for travel.
  5. Spin – to the beat.  For me, an instructor’s choice of music can make or break a spin class. So why risk a lackluster session? Make your own playlist with songs you know will motivate you. I like spinning to a beat (watch this HipHop x spin class and you’ll get the picture :P), so I follow SoulCycle and Psycle’s public playlists on Spotify – they’re updated frequently and always have great tracks.
Run-haters: there’s even apparel for you! I spotted this in VS Pink the other day – I’m very very tempted!

2 thoughts on “How to workout (for people who hate running)

    1. I have two responses to this one :

      First (good cop): don’t do formal cardio, just try and work more calorie-burning exercise into your daily life. Take the stairs, get off the metro a stop early and walk, always offer to get up to run errands at work… it all adds up. Find ways of moving more that don’t feel so formalised, if that’s not your thing. Then you can used your workouts for more weights based routines.
      Second (bad cop): sometimes we have to do stuff we don’t want to do! It might not feel natural or easy to begin with, but if you’re serious about changing your body, you’ve got to suck it up and do it. “Change happens outside your comfort zone”, heard that one?! An hour workout is less than 4% of your day – I’m sure you can stick it out for that long.

      (Personally, I side with the second mentality, but the choice is yours… 😉 )

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