How to get back on track after a night out


Sorry I’ve been so absent from the blog recently – second year uni exams somehow managed to take over my life 😦 Fortunately they’re done now (yay!) and I’m really looking forward to having the time to reconnect with all things healthy.

I suppose it’s pretty ironic then, that this post is all about getting what to do after being anything but! I’m a firm believer that balance is key in life, so am not averse to the occasional alcohol-fuelled night out.  I don’t make drinking a habit (alcohol really is horrendous for your body 😐 ), but I think it has definitely has its place…..

…for example, finishing second year uni! Not Team Kale Smoothie 24/7 😛

Unfortunately, the morning after can leave you feeling a LOT worse for wear, which often has a knock-on effect on the rest of your day.  Here are some tips to curb that and set you up for a good day after the night before :

1 Drink water. Boring but true.  Before you go to bed, FORCE yourself to have two glasses (no cutting corners on this one!), and have another upon waking.  Warm water with a squeeze of lemon is great for cutting through that residual alcohol taste (mmmm, lovely) that greets you when you wake up in the morning.

2 Have something small before you go to bed. My friends all laugh at me, but when I go out, I always take a Nakd bar or something for a post club snack. I tend to be hungry after 3 hours of dancing, and having a whole food bar to hand definitely curbs any temptation for 2am chips!

3 Let yourself sleep in — a bit. Hibernating for the whole day probably won’t do you much good, but try and get at least 5 hours sleep.  We tend to make much better health/food choices when we’re well rested, so make sure you get some zzzzs.

4 Eat normally, but simply the next day.  Even if you feel gross, try and make sure you eat a little at each mealtime the next day.  Simplicity is key – keep the ingredients unrefined and to the minimum.  Banana and almond butter is a nice, easy breakfast packed with potassium and electrolytes to replenish all that way lost the night before.


5 Do a little workout.  Even if it’s just a 15 minute Youtube video, moving your body will really help get you back in the right health frame of mind.  I’ve found running to be the best for me – it helps clear my head and flush out that sluggish feeling I get after drinking.


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