Superfood Supper Club 2016

Hi all!

This post is SO overdue (Cambridge life is relentless!) but I’m so excited to share it with you!


12717801_10207668051207064_4505337546106833183_nLast week, I had the honour of being invited to cook for Cambridge Pink Week’s Superfood Supper Club.  Pink Week is an incredible charity initiative, launched at my college (Clare) in Cambridge, which works to raise money for cancer care charities.  So far, it’s raised over £16,000 in the five years it’s been running!

This year, the team added a new event to their line-up – the Healthy Supper Club, held at super cool Cambridge cafe, Espresso Library.  Huge names in the health food world (think the Deliciously Ella team, Hen’s Clean Cakes, Superfood Siobhan, Mind Body Bowl, Food Doctor, Vita Coco, Plant Based Pixie etc!) were all invited to either cook or donate food for an incredible vegan potluck.  The menu included a roast beetroot wild rice salad, Vietnamese tempeh rolls, wholegrain pitta & a huge range of flavoured hummus plus more raw/GF/vegan cakes than I could imagine! It was pretty awesome 😛12716251_1650396361890741_522948105646797624_oFor my recipe, I decided on my favourite kale | sweet potato | avocado salad with lemon tahini dressing.  I was so excited to cook in the kitchens of one of my favourite lunch spots, especially after six weeks of only having access to a hotplate & microwave!  Fangirling on ovens and knives – what has my life become :LEspresso-Library-1

I also got a fancy little nameplate, which probably made me happier that it should have done….


Whilst cooking a salad for 40 people in the gap between lectures ending at 4pm and the event starting at 6pm, was pretty mad, I had such an incredible time.  It really was amazing to be surrounded by a room full of people who share the same ethos on food, fitness and general positivity on life.

Me and the lovely Annie of Mind Body Bowl

It served as a lovely & much needed reminder that the world is full of incredible people who are perfectly compatible with you in all aspects – you just haven’t met them yet.

One of my all time favourite quotes ❤


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